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Red Panda Press, the home of fine writing and publishers of the novels of: Len Cooke & R.M. McLeod







About Red Panda Press and our Authors

Red Panda Press, quite literally a cottage publisher, is based in the South Western English Lake District of England. Originally formed eight years ago to publish the work of children's writer Ross M. McLeod, now, with the ever increasing popularity of digital platforms such as Smashwords and Amazon Kindle, we also publish, via them, the writing of Len Cooke.  


'So,' I hear you say, 'who are these guys?' 


Well, as you have probably already guessed, they are the same person, so for ease of understanding we will just briefly tell you about Ross. Born in Cheshire, England, he studied at Stockport College and the Open University. His work, as a risk assessment engineer, took him to many parts of the world and into many interesting places, including gas exploration platforms in the North Sea, nuclear submarines and many of Scotland's and Northern England's prisons. This mind-broadening lifestyle has given him a vast and comprehensive insight into the diverse and complicated world in which we live and whether writing for children, or an older readership, his travels and experiences have given him an ability to write with authority, humour and an understanding of both his characters and his craft that is very hard to match. 


Now retired from his 'usual day job', he lives 'quietly, apart from when the grandchildren (code-named the SAS) come round' with his wife and Pip the Border collie dog.   


Len's dog, Pip


(or is it the other way round?)